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The Magnet Blood Wars The Magnet Blood Wars

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love it! It's got a neat composition, and the monster's design is very original and intriguing :) --The only thing that comes to mind in terms of improvement is what you've already mentioned about the arm needing to become more affected by light so it can stand out.

Also (I can be dead wrong on this, just a suggestion) Maybe making the width of the image larger will allow for the eye to better concentrate on the focal point?

Bentusi-Paladin responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I did actually play around a bit with the layout and in the end went with this one because it allowed the monster to take up most of the space and to me made it look bigger and a bit more... claustrophobic? Like the monster's so close it already takes up your field of view.

I see what you mean tho, I think I'll play with the horizon height in the future and/or choose a different perspective to allow for widescreen.

Thanks again!